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Door No. 3?

Bill Kristol, the editor of The Weekly Standard, is interested in an alternative this fall — an alternative to the Trump-Hillary binary. (I learned the word “binary” from the Left, just about a year ago. They talk about a “gender binary.” I had no idea what they meant. Turns out they mean men and women. They think a binary is bad, I gather.) Bill would like an honorable option on this fall’s ballot. So would I.

And this is what we discuss in a new Q&A.

Bill is an interesting cat: an intellectual with an activist’s heart. He is not content to sit around as this nightmare choice — this nightmare binary — is forced on all of us. He does not submit to the spirit of defeat. He is not prepared to throw in the towel.

And even if Trump or Hillary is inevitable — let no one say that no one tried to devise a Door No. 3.

Again, that podcast is here.


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