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Chicago’s Gift

The University of Chicago dropped a very pleasant bombshell this week: a letter to incoming freshmen, advising that the university honors freedom of expression, and that it will not put up with any of the “trigger warning” or “safe space” nonsense.

Come again? Yes, indeed. A very pleasant bombshell.

In a Q&A podcast, I discuss it with Charles Lipson, a professor of political science at Chicago (and a prolific, versatile writer). He was born and raised in little Marks, Mississippi. We discuss that, too. He went on to study at Yale and Harvard.

It so happens, he is a strong, authoritative advocate of free trade — an idea that has come under special attack in recent times. We end our podcast with a discussion of this.

A professor well worth getting to know. I myself can’t attend the University of Chicago, though I wish I could. It is some consolation to be able to talk with Professor Lipson.