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On Hiroshima, Etc.

A few years back, because of a book I was working on, I wanted to consult an authority on Japanese fascism, and Japan in the 20th century generally. I was led to a brilliant historian: Christopher Szpilman, who was educated in England and America and teaches in Japan. After Obama’s visit to Hiroshima, it was to him I wanted to talk. So we have done a podcast: a Q&A.

In addition to questions about war and peace, I ask him this: Have the Japanese simply decided to stop having children? Finally, I ask Professor Szpilman about his family. His father was Wladyslaw Szpilman, who wrote a renowned Holocaust memoir, The Pianist, which became a movie.

You will enjoy hearing Professor Szpilman, a real scholar, a real historian, with a notably beautiful English speaking voice.


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