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La Diva Divina Diana

Diana Damrau is an opera star, a German soprano. I first interviewed her about ten years ago, in Salzburg. She was a great interviewee: bright, individual, and fizzy. Absolutely winning.

She still is, as you can hear in this Q&A.

I sat down with her on Friday in New York. She has a new album, of Meyerbeer. Once upon a time, he was a staple. Then he virtually disappeared. (Musical fashion can be strange.) Damrau has revived him, a bit.

We talk about technique and repertoire and children and life. Damrau is an excellent dancer, by the way — and that includes Michael Jackson routines, she reveals.

A touching person in addition to a huge talent. Small wonder she is adored by multitudes the world over. That podcast, again, is here. Check her out.

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