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My latest Q&A is with Douglas Murray — go here. Murray is a British writer and intellectual. An “all-rounder,” as they say in his country. He can talk to you about practically anything, and wisely. He has been famous since he was a teenager. His latest book is The Strange Death of Europe — which is No. 1 on the U.K. bestseller list (“I ask you,” as David Pryce-Jones would say).

In this Q&A, I talk with Douglas Murray about politics and policy, of course — politics and policy in Britain, America, and elsewhere. But we also talk about novels, poetry, and music. (Murray himself was brought up in music.)

When you have the time, spend an hour with one of the most interesting writers going (as WFB would say). (WFB would have loved Murray, by the way.) The podcast, again, is here.


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