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Dangers and Promises: A Tour with Eliot Cohen

Almost 15 years ago, Eliot Cohen published Supreme Command, a book that made a big splash. He’s still splashing. His new book is The Big Stick: The Limits of Soft Power & the Necessity of Military Force. And he is my guest on Q&A (here).

Cohen is one of the leading national-security scholars in our country. He is an adviser to presidents, would-be presidents, secretaries of state, would-be secretaries of state, and others. In this podcast, I ask him to take a tour with me, and we do.

We start nearby — Mexico. And go to Europe. And Russia. And Japan. And North Korea. And China. And Iran. And elsewhere. We also discuss the terror war and the arena of “cyber” — cyberwarfare, cyberintelligence, and so on.

Toward the end of our podcast, we talk about the Trump administration, which features many of Cohen’s longtime friends and comrades. How will it all turn out? Well, who’s to say?

After I finish a conversation with Eliot Cohen, I feel my sense of the world is heightened. I’m talking about its dangers, sure — for that is Cohen’s specialty: dangers — but the world’s promises as well. It ain’t all bad.

And this podcast is all good, thanks to Cohen. Again, here.


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