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O vs. Abrams. (O Loses.)

As readers may remember, I had a couple of columns titled “The World According to O” (here and here). In them, I critiqued Obama’s worldview, as the president himself articulated it to Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic. (For Goldberg’s piece, go here.)

Not content with my columns — and still smoldering a bit — I asked Elliott Abrams to do a podcast with me. A Q&A, which he has, here. As you know, Abrams is a veteran of the Reagan and Bush 43 administrations. He is now perched at the Council on Foreign Relations.

We talk about Obama (of course). We talk about Reagan-era events and people — Grenada, the Contras, Gorbachev, etc. And we talk about more recent events and people — the Iraq War, the Syrian Civil War, Putin, etc.

But the overarching theme is O. He and Elliott Abrams are very, very different thinkers. I hope that Elliott will again serve in an administration, like next year.

Our podcast, once more, is here.


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