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Happy Independence Day, everybody. Have some links to throw at you. I’ve done a Q&A podcast with Frank Lavin. He worked for Reagan, Bush 41, and Bush 43. Was ambassador to Singapore, among many other things. Is an expert on trade, and a great advocate of trade. Also, an all-around swell guy. Recently, he wrote a book about his father: Home Front to Battlefront: An Ohio Teenager in World War II.

Toward the end of this podcast, I ask Frank something like, “Is the American spirit alive and well? Is there life in the ol’ gal yet?” He answers that he has spent much of his career abroad — and “America is still the best place in the world to have an idea. People come from all around the world with their ideas to America.”


The Divine Miss M. — Mona Charen — and I recorded a Need to Know, here. Our guest is Yuval Levin, who — have you noticed this? — knows a lot about health care, and any number of other subjects. The podcast ends with Marilyn Horne singing “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” (Yuval can’t do that, as far as I know, but I’ve never inquired.)

Okay, a little ballet: I have a post on Whipped Cream, the Richard Strauss work (delicious), here. And a post on Onegin, here. Onegin is a ballet that uses music by Tchaikovsky, naturally — but not music from his opera Eugene Onegin, oddly.

What else? Let me share with you a song by Lee Hoiby, the late American composer, and specialist in songs. Many years ago, I heard Leontyne Price sing “Lady of the Harbor,” and it was electric: the song and the singing. Alas, there is no Price recording of this song on the Internet. (I have a pirate CD, from the composer himself.)

In time, I got to know Hoiby, and I heard him sing and play this song. Fantastic. “It’s a kick-ass song,” he told me — truthfully, if not modestly — and also a “rock-and-roll song.” (You will hear that influence.)

Anyway, here it is, sung by Julia Faulkner, with the composer at the piano. (For the piece I wrote on Lee Hoiby at the time of his passing, go here. It also leads the music section of my recent collection, Digging In.)

I am officially linked out (as opposed to LinkedIn).

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