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A Blue-Chip Reaganite Recruit

I have done a Q&A with Grant Starrett — a lawyer and politician in Tennessee. He is a friend of mine. He ran for Congress this year. He challenged an incumbent, Scott DesJarlais, for the Republican nomination. DesJarlais is laden with scandal. He won nonetheless: with 52 percent of the vote.

I talk with Grant about the experience of running for office. Not many of us do it. We follow races, or even report on races — but we don’t run them. That is a different proposition altogether. I ask Grant about fundraising, door-knocking, and the like. Also about issues: How did limited government play? How did a strong defense play? How did trade play? And so on.

We also talk about Grant’s journey to conservatism — he is a classic Reagan Republican. He got to the destination, so to speak, pretty early. In elementary school, he was reading National Review and The Weekly Standard. Later, he went to Stanford University and Vanderbilt Law.

Still in his twenties, he is a blue-chip recruit, as they might say in basketball. I hope and expect he will run again, and I hope and expect he will win. In the meantime, he gives us a very thoughtful discussion of the political game. He is an unusual person, Grant Starrett. Became a Christian while at Stanford (!). Started a conservative club there, which quickly grew.

A doer, as well as a thinker. To meet Grant, that link again is here.

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