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Desperate Country, Brave Reporter

The news from Venezuela is grim, and beyond grim: Parents are giving away their children, and in some cases killing them. People rob and murder with impunity. Hunger is rampant, along with violence. Inflation is through the roof. The military has been put in charge of food, the better to prevent rebellion — a military rebellion.

“The military is getting fat while my grandchildren get skinny,” a man said.

He was quoted by Hannah Dreier, the Associated Press correspondent in Venezuela. I have been following her reports. She has been my guest on Q&A before, and she is again: here.

In my opinion, she is one of the most important journalists in the world right now, and she is certainly one of the bravest.

Venezuela was once rich — blessedly rich. Now even the “middle class” paw through garbage. And it happened very, very fast.