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Old Masters and New

That was an interesting Masters (as they usually are). I’m talking about the golf tournament in Augusta, Ga. There was a shoot-out between Sergio Garcia (the Spaniard) and Justin Rose (the Englishman). Sergio took him.

And, on my Q&A podcast, I talk it over with Mark Farrell, my old friend who’s a golf pro in Connecticut. He is a wonderful talker (and athlete and other things).

There is a key to Sergio’s triumph yesterday, says Mark: el amor. Mark is a full-service golf analyst and pro. He knows that the game involves more than swing technique. A lot more.

(Otherwise, George Knudson would be an immortal.) (He kind of is anyway.)

What else comes up in this podcast? These questions: Did Rose wilt, a little bit? Should there be golf in the Olympics? (Rose is the reigning gold medalist — the first of the modern era.) What’s the matter with Tiger? (That’s a perennial question.) Has the equipment gone crazy? Should it be “dialed back”? (There’s another perennial.) Etc.

All politics and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Mark Farrell is a treat to listen to, whether you like golf or not. Again, the ’cast is here.


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