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Helprin and Paris

Several weeks ago, National Review had a cruise, or a crossing, from England to New York. One of our guest speakers was Mark Helprin, the novelist — and the political writer, the military analyst, etc. I sat down with him for a Q&A podcast, here.

Our topic? Mainly, his latest book, his latest novel: Paris in the Present Tense. It is a book about love, loyalty, World War II, the Holocaust, France, memory, the War on Terror, courage, honor — in other words, it’s a Helprin novel. It joins the shelf with A Soldier of the Great War, In Sunlight and in Shadow, and so on. (Plus, there are the short stories.) As I said recently, Helprin has struck another blow for truth and beauty. A magnificent novel, real literature.

And our podcast, once more, is here. Just a little appetizer or something.


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