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NR Boy Makes Good

Radek Sikorski was the chief foreign correspondent of National Review. That was the high point of his career, of course, but he went on to be defense minister, and then foreign minister, of Poland. He is my guest on Q&A — a podcast, here.

American troops have arrived in Poland. This is part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. The Kremlin’s spokesman, Mr. Peskov, said, among other things, that Poland “is not even a European country.”

Radek and I talk about all this, of course. And Germany. And France. And the EU. And the United States. And so on.

Radek makes any number of interesting and pertinent points, including about NATO. I mentioned that there are many in America today who are saying — quite understandably — the modern equivalent of “Why die for Danzig?” Radek pointed out that those French students who were saying “Why did for Danzig?” were soon dying for Paris.

And the name of the game, in my judgment, is deterrence: conducting oneself so that no one has to die for Danzig, including the Danzigers.

In any event, I raise some big questions with Mr. Sikorski, and he is a pleasure to hear: learned, experienced, eloquent. Again, that podcast is at this link. There is still the prime minister’s chair left. But nothing, needless to say, will top NR.