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Brookhiser at Large

Well, I did something very pleasant today: I recorded a podcast with Rick Brookhiser. A Q&A, here. He is a longtime senior editor of NR, as you know. And he is a historian, especially of the Founding.

Although his latest book is about Lincoln, here: Lincoln and his relation to the Founding.

In this podcast, I talk with Rick about the Founding, of course — George Washington and the boys. And about Lincoln. And about the Civil War. Also — jumping way ahead — about FDR.

I also talk to him about conservatism: What is it? How did he become a conservative? And about his education at Yale. And about the media (“Whaddaya read?”). And about immigration. And about the current political scene — including the GOP and its leader, President Trump.

Sooner or later, we talk about one of Rick’s great loves: New York City. He is not only a lover of New York, and an inhabitant of New York, but a bard of it.

Last, we talk about our future — the American future, our prospects. Will we make it?

Spend some time with this keen, superbly educated, experienced mind, and this first-class talker. Again, here.

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