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A Free Man

Robert P. George, the famed professor at Princeton, has written plenty of books and pieces. But he also tweets. And just recently, he tweeted this:

“Courage is what’s needed. Courage to eschew tribalism & partisanship. Courage to reject conformism & groupthink. Courage to speak the truth.”

Professor George is my guest on Q&A. Toward the end, I quote his tweet and ask him to amplify. He says that, if our civilization dies, it will not be from evil. It will be from cowardice. (That, of course, is itself a kind of evil.)

Robby George, as he is known, grew up in the hills of West Virginia. His parents wanted their children to taste life elsewhere. Robby went to Swarthmore, Harvard, and Oxford. When he was a sophomore, he found Plato, and his life was unleashed. “Plato made me a free man,” he says. The ancient Greek taught him to think, and to avoid tribalism and partisanship like the plague.

In our podcast, we talk about abortion and gay marriage — issues that Professor George has spent a lot of time on. We also talk about newly important issues, such as nationalism and refugees.

Further, we talk about what to read. There are so many books, so many articles, so many tweets … what do you do?

It’s clear that Robert P. George is an honest-to-goodness teacher and thinker. When you can clear the time, spend an hour in his company. I believe you’ll be rewarded, and tuition is free.

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