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The Sheriff in Town

David Clarke is one of the most famous lawmen in America. He is the sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wis. He is a commanding personality who has much experience and much to say. And he says it very well.

Sheriff Clarke is a guest on National Review’s current cruise. I sat down with him, in front of an audience, for a Q&A podcast.

We talk about a range of issues, personal and public. Clarke’s father was a military man, who loved America, despite the injustices he endured (racial injustices). The younger Clarke joined the local police force when he was in his early twenties. We talk about those early days on the streets, and how they were different from today. (They were very different, and better.)

In due course, we talk about some key and controversial issues: the “militarization” of the police; drugs; guns; Black Lives Matter; the “Ferguson effect.”

Finally, I ask Clarke some “heavy” questions, as we said, once upon a time: Should a mom or dad want a son or daughter to join a police force? What about the burden that a sheriff or police chief bears, being responsible for the safety of a community?

At the end of this Q&A, our audience rose in applause for Sheriff Clarke. You’ll see why, when you listen.

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