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So Sweet to Say: ‘Sir Roger’

A few weeks ago, conservatives got some good news: Roger Scruton is now Sir Roger. Yes, the magnificent English philosopher, writer, novelist, composer, and so on was knighted. And Sir Roger is my guest on the latest Q&A.

By my reckoning — and this is not as easy to do as you might think — Scruton has published four books in the last year. The latest of them is The Ring of Truth. It’s about Wagner’s Ring cycle. And we devote the last part of the ’cast to Wagner, and other music.

Before then, however, we talk about a range of subjects: Brexit; the race for Conservative-party leadership; the American presidential race; the Islamification of Europe; the desire for a strongman; and a few other perennials.

Like what? Like trade versus protection; nationalism versus patriotism.

I don’t know if Sir Roger is the wisest and most learned man on the planet, but his competitors are very few. He is lovely company to boot. To enjoy a half-hour with him, go here, to that podcast.


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