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Tom Terrific

That was the nickname of Tom Seaver, the major-league pitcher. Before that, it was the name of a children’s cartoon. In any case, it certainly applies to Thomas Sowell, the economist, philosopher, and writer. His latest book is Wealth, Poverty and Politics: An International Perspective.

Sowell is my guest on a new Q&A. We talk about several of the key questions of the book. What makes individuals and nations rich or poor? Should anyone care about income inequality? What’s the link between prosperity and the rule of law? What about property rights?

I also throw at Sowell some of the phrases that litter our lives: “social justice,” “legacy of slavery,” “trickle down.” Sowell bats them down like a disgusted cat.

Long ago, he was a baseball player, and we end with some talk about baseball and other sports — as they relate to society. Everyone knows that Thomas Sowell is an outstanding thinker and writer. But as an interviewee, a podcast guest? Absolutely A-plus.

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