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As readers will know by now, Victor Davis Hanson’s latest is The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won. And VDH is my guest on Q&A (here).

I take the opportunity to ask some fundamental questions: What if Hitler hadn’t declared war on us? Would we have gotten into the war — the European theater? What if Japan hadn’t attacked us? Could they have triumphed in the Pacific?

What were the causes of the war?

Was Hitler a little nuts — did that save our bacon? If he had been saner, could he have pulled it off?

How was FDR as wartime leader? And Truman? Were we right to drop the A-bomb(s)? What about Yalta? Was FDR, were we, guilty there? What about the Holocaust and the war? Could the Holocaust have been carried out without the war? Would it have?

Who are some unsung heroes of the war?

And more. Victor Davis Hanson knows the answers, I can tell you. Knows them cold. This podcast with him is both an education and a pleasure. Again, here.


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