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Compare and contrast:

(1) From my column titled “The One and the Many,” 6/25/03:

“Homosexuality, open and proud, is a subversive force — subversive, that is,

of any institution in which it becomes entrenched. The Roman Catholic

church has recently learned this. The Anglican church is about to learn it.

The Boy Scouts of America would have learned it, but for a lucky break from

the judiciary. … I do believe, with a high degree of certainty, that after

a few more appointments of the Canon John / Rev. Robinson kind, my church

will cease to be a vehicle for the teaching of Christ’s gospel, and become

instead a dating service for homosexuals. Its ethos will no longer be

Christian, it will be ‘gay’.”

(2) From the AP account of Bishop V. Gene Robinson’s consecration, 11/2/03.


“In a pointed affirmation of the gay cause, Robinson invited Crew, a second

homosexual activist and his own partner – as well as his ex-wife and their

two daughters – to join those who will ritually present him today. In the

long term, Crew predicts, thousands of homosexuals and open-minded

heterosexuals will flow into the denomination, whose membership has declined

substantially and now stands at 2.3 million.”


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