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Police Are Investigating Michael Brown’s Stepfather for Inciting Riots

Police in Ferguson, Mo., are investigating whether the angry tirade unleashed by Michael Brown’s stepfather just moments after the grand jury’s decision last week rose to the level of illegal incitement of violence.

Following the decision, Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, climbed onto a platform surrounded by protesters to comfort his grieving wife. “Burn this bitch down!” Head then shouted repeatedly, in a video captured by the New York Times. Rioters later looted and burned down over a dozen Ferguson businesses and at least one police car.

Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson told CNN on Tuesday that his department was investigating Brown’s stepfather, saying they had spoken with some individuals who were with Head that evening and will seek an interview with Head himself.

“We are pursuing those comments, there is a lot of discussion going on about that right now,” the police chief told Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Monday night, adding that any and all individuals involved in rioting will be pursued. 

“We can’t let all that happened in Ferguson and Dellwood and the community die,” he said. “Everyone who is responsible for taking away people’s property, their livelihoods, their jobs, their businesses — every single one of them needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”


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