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Political Operative Says the Politicization of Politics Has Become Hopelessly Political

Jonah, re that Tweet from that DNC Communications guy, aside from the general flouncey huffiness of it, like a bitchy waiter when you send back the monkfish drizzled with aubergine coulis on a bed of organic Belgian endives, his point is just ridiculous:

@GOP has FOIAed the IRS. How original. And political.

Ooh, Obama critics are politicizing everything, aren’t they? You can just about credit the same old lame old when it comes to, say, Benghazi. The death of a US ambassador and three other Americans oughtn’t to be “political”: It’s a national security disgrace, and an international humiliation.

But the IRS stuff is about the Government of the United States treating American citizens differently according to whether they’re conservative or liberal. If that’s not “political”, what is?

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