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1) In a post about British politics the other day, I commented, “I am a Tory, deep blue. (Over there, they have their colors right.)” Labour is red, of course, while the Conservatives are blue. Throughout the world, Left parties are red, and conservative parties are blue. It has been this way from time immemorial.

In America, we have a freaky (and recent) anomaly.

A reader writes, “Jay, what’s to stop NR and Fox News and other such outlets from doing the colors the right way around? It would cause confusion for a good ten seconds, then everybody would adjust.”

Hmmm . . .

2) A Czech-born friend of mine sends this article, which shows Václav Klaus, the former president of the Czech Republic, hiking. He is a conservative (or a classical liberal) — and he’s wearing a Hillsdale College T-shirt.

3) A note from an American mother:

Had to register the kids for school today. To do so, I needed proof of our residency in town: tax returns, driver’s license, pay stub (with address), homeowner’s insurance policy . . .

As I was providing copies of the documents and the clerk was checking off the list, I thought about showing your ID to vote. That would be invasive, even discriminatory. A racist act, even. But all this strict and detailed paperwork to attend high school is perfectly fine!

A weird country, in so many ways (especially when race comes into play, which is pretty much always).


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