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Political Violence in New Orleans

Over at Pajamas Media, Scott McKay, whose Hayride blog has been tirelessly cataloging the story of a brutal assault on a young Republican operative and her boyfriend outside a New Orleans fundraising dinner earlier this month, summarizes his findings.

Though initially reported as a straight fight, there is increasing evidence that the attack was political, perpetrated by a group of (get this) anarcho-communist agitators who had broken away from a larger protest at the nearby SRLC. The victim, Allee Bautsch, tentatively identified a member of a group called the Iron Rail Book Collective as the chief perpetrator of an attack that left her with multiple breaks in her leg and her boyfriend with a broken jaw and a concussion. The Iron Rail Book Collective had called for “direct action” and “active resistance” against the attendees of the SRLC, and had been hounding (and in one instance, actively chasing) fundraisers as they left the restaurant. 

Unfortunately, the New Orleans Police Department didn’t follow up with Bautsch until six days after the incident, long after the protests, which brought in agitators from out of state, had subsided. No arrests have been made and — you guessed it — the local media is not particularly interested in the story.

McKay has a whole lot more details, and links to all the relevant evidence.


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