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The Politically Incorrect History of Rodeo Clowns

Despite all the recent furor over a Missouri rodeo clown’s sporting an Obama costume, it turns out that President Obama isn’t the only one who’s been involved with rodeo clowns. As Charlie Spiering points out over at the Washington Examiner, this is hardly the first time rodeo clowns have parodied a president – he quotes a 1994 Philadelphia Inquirer article that tells of the destruction of a George H. W. Bush dummy at a rodeo in Woodstown, N.J.

The Missouri State Fair isn’t the first time that President Obama has been parodied in a rodeo, either. In 2011, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Rodeo in Decatur, Ala., poked fun at Obama using a dummy with a mask resembling the president’s face.

The dummy was repeatedly rammed by a bull; later a gentleman wearing a “loose-fitting garment” put the same facemask on and danced to “urban, hip-hop music.” At the time, an organizer defended the act as being no different from what his company had done with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush in the past, comparing it to Saturday Night Live’s regular mockery of the current chief executive.


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