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A GOP aide sends along this critical missive about Politifact’s latest:

Politifact’s slip is showing ….again.

In the wake of the leftist defeat in November their cheerleaders at Poltifact are becoming more and more brazen in their attempts to defend the left and attack conservative spokesmen.  You will recall Poltifact recently decreed that calling Obama Care a “government takeover of Health Care” was the lie of the year.  In their latest post they telegraph that they are going to be attacking the Republican House leadership for not keeping its promises, even when they keep their promises. 

In a long post about how they will judge House Leaders promise to cut spending this year, they do graciously allow that this year means we have until December 2011 to cut spending, but then they tip their hand and show their bias:

“Ultimately, it will be difficult for Republicans to fulfill the promise.

Democrats control the Senate and have signaled they are not inclined to support significant cuts to politically popular programs.”

So, according to Poltifact, if the Republicans do everything in their power to cut spending they have broken their promise if the Democrats in the Senate vote the cuts down.  So, according to Politifact, the Democrats get to decide if Republicans keep their promises.  This is absurd. And it is clearly a set up.  Any reasonable person would conclude that when you vote for something you have kept your promise to vote for it.  Only the leftist at Poltifact would say that you lied because someone else voted against it. 

Poltifact has completely lost its bearings and is rapidly becoming a discredited, leftist mouth piece.


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