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Poll: 44 Percent of People Confused about Whether Obamacare Is Still the Law

Over four in ten people are unsure whether Obamacare remains the law of the land, a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released today finds. Five percent of respondents believe that the law was overturned by the Supreme Court, 8 percent said it had been repealed by Congress, and 31 percent either didn’t know its status or wouldn’t answer.

A majority (51 percent) said they don’t have enough information about the law to know how it will impact them and their family. Though the number of people reporting that they’d heard any information about health-insurance exchanges in their state rose since Kaiser last asked the question in June, 67 percent still said that they’ve heard “only a little” or “nothing at all” about the exchanges.

The law remains unpopular with the public as a whole, with 42 percent of respondents holding an unfavorable opinion of it and 37 percent holding a favorable view. Nevertheless, 57 percent overall disapprove of “cutting off funding as a way to stop some or all of the law from being put into place,” including a third of Republicans. Sixty-nine percent of those who opposed defunding the law agreed with the statement that “using the budget process to stop a law is not the way our government should work,” while 35 percent cite fatigue with the whole debate as a major reason for their opposition to cutting off funds and agree with the idea that “it’s time to move on to something else.”

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