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Poll: Americans Say Start Over on Health Care

A new Zogby International/University of Texas poll shows that 57 percent of Americans believe Congress should start over on health-care reform, and an equal number believe Congress should take a piecemeal, step-by-step approach to the issue.

Just 18 percent of respondents supported passing the Senate bill alongside a seperate bill of “fixes,” currently the prevailing strategy in talks among Congressional Democratic leadership. Overall, opposition to the Democrats bill stands at 50.8 percent, while support is just 40.3 percent.

Overall, opposition to the Democrats’ health-care-reform bill outstrips support by a sizable margin: 50.8 percent oppose the bills compared with 40.3 percent who said they favor them. And of the respondents who saw or heard President Obama’s remarks on health care during the State of the Union, 48.1 percent said the president did nothing to change their views.

While those polled generally favored key portions of the Democrat bill — such as health-insurance exchanges and forbidding the denial of coverage on the basis of sex or pre-existing conditions — they expressed resistance to increased taxes, Medicare cuts, and the individual mandate. 

AmSpec’s Philip Klein, who sat on a panel discussing the poll results this morning, has more here.

Daniel Foster — Daniel Foster is a former news editor of National Review Online.

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