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Poll: Bloomberg May Help Sanders Win Texas on Super Tuesday

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg at the Democratic primary debate in Charleston, S.C., February 25, 2020. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Michael Bloomberg launched his presidential campaign in November to stop a far-left Democrat from winning the nomination. But a new poll of Texas Democratic primary voters conducted February 24-25 by Public Policy Polling suggests that Bloomberg’s continued presence in the race may actually help Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday.

With Bloomberg in the race, Biden and Sanders are exactly tied in Texas: 

Biden 24 

Sanders 24 

Bloomberg 17 

Warren 14 

Buttigieg 10 

Klobuchar 4

If Bloomberg were not in the race, the poll shows Biden holding a six-point lead over Sanders: 

Biden 31 

Sanders 25 

Warren 17 

Buttigieg 11 

Klobuchar 7

Bloomberg has stalled out in some polls and slipped in others following his beatdown at last week’s Nevada debate. It didn’t seem like anything happened at last night’s debate in South Carolina that will improve his position between now and the Super Tuesday primaries on March 3.

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