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Poll: Condi Rice is a Game Changer?

According to the new PPP poll, there seems to be statistical support for Condoleezza Rice as Romney’s vice presidential choice:

PPP’s newest Presidential polls in Michigan and Pennsylvania find Barack Obama with healthy leads in both states. He’s up by 14 points, 53-39, in Michigan and by 6 points, 49-43, in Pennsylvania. . . . One thing that could be a huge game changer in both of these states? Mitt Romney selecting Condoleezza Rice as his running mate. She would give him a six point advantage both places, pulling him into a tie in Pennsylvania at 45-45 and narrowing the gap in Michigan to 50-42. Rice is a very unusually popular political figure. In Pennsylvania her favorability rating is 60/27 and in Michigan it’s 56-28. She’s even seen favorably by Democrats — 47-38 in Pennsylvania and 41-40 in Michigan — in both states. Her selection has the potential to be a game changer.


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