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The Poll Does Not Say that 68 Percent of Voters Think Angle’s Views Are ‘Extremist’

Robert, the PPP poll actually says that 68 percent of moderates describe Sharron Angle’s views as “extremist” (the alternative choice was “mainstream”). If it were 68 percent of voters, I imagine we’d be writing her political obituary.

What the poll doesn’t tell us — these polls never do — is how many respondents who describe themselves as “moderates” are actually people of the Left. That’s why these polls, and the stories they generate, are so misleading: Lefties pass themselves off as “moderates,” and then duly get passed off as “voters” — as if their views were representative of the ordinary person. My sense, fwiw, is that Angle’s views are more representative of what the ordinary person thinks than are the views of many who describe themselves as “moderates.”

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