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Poll: Election Close, Health Care Hurts Obama

A new NPR/Resurgent Republic poll has President Obama and Governor Romney virtually tied in the polls. Obama leads Romney 47 to 45 percent overall, but Romney has a five-point lead among independent voters. However, there are several important conclusions from this poll on Obamacare’s effects on the election:

By a margin of almost two-to-one, voters say the health care reform law will hurt rather than help the economy. Both Independents and battleground-state voters believe it will hurt more than help – 47 to 20 percent among Independents, and 47 to 26 percent in battleground states.

Far more voters say their health care costs have gone up than gone down since the law was passed.

Voters say controlling costs is the top priority for health care in America today, and among the voters most concerned about reducing costs, two-thirds think the health care reform law does not address that priority.

While Democrats would prefer to get their health care insurance through the federal government, Republicans, Independents, and battleground-state voters overwhelmingly prefer to get their insurance through a private insurance company.

This poll was conducted after the Supreme Court’s decision, and it demonstrates the continued unpopularity of Obamacare. Governor Romney should not be afraid of the health-care debate, because it will play to his strengths on the economy and could help turn the election in his favor.


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