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Poll: GOP Favorability Rating Falls Post-Election

A NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll was released last night showing that, as Democratic pollster Peter Hart put it, “Republicans have gone off the image cliff”:

The GOP’s favorable/unfavorable rating in the poll now stands at 30 percent/45 percent (minus-15 points), which is down from 36 percent/43 percent (minus-7) right before the election.

That’s compared with the Democratic Party’s 44 percent/35 percent rating (plus-9 points).

What’s more, asked to give a word or short phrase to describe the Republican Party, 65 percent offered a negative comment, including more than half of Republicans.

Some of the responses: “Bad,” “weak,” “negative,” “uncompromising,” “need to work together,” “broken,” “disorganized” and “lost.”

By contrast, 37 percent gave negative descriptions of the Democratic Party, while 35 percent were positive.

According to Gallup’s polling on the issue, the public has had a net negative view of the Republican party since 2005 with only two exceptions: for a brief period after the 2008 GOP convention, and in January 2011, after the new Republican-majority House convened. 


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