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Poll: Just One in Four Americans Think Iran Nuke Deal Will Work

Republican lawmakers aren’t the only ones deeply skeptical of the White House’s pending nuclear deal with Iran – the American people are raising their eyebrows, too.

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that 71 percent of voters believe negotiations between the Obama administration and the Iranian regime will not halt the Islamic theocracy’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. Just 24 percent believe it will have an impact on the mullahs’s moves toward the bomb.

The poll was released one week after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before a joint session of Congress, where he implored lawmakers to reject the impending agreement.

He argued that Iran will inevitably violate the terms of the agreement and cannot be trusted — a situation not without precedent. The United States’s 1990s nuclear deal with North Korea was ignored by the Communist regime, resulting in its development of nuclear weapons just a few years later.

47 Republican senators sent a letter to Iran’s foreign minister on Monday, warning that any deal signed without congressional approval would be considered null-and-void. The move was excoriated by the White House, Democrats and some members of the press.

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