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Poll: Vets Oppose Bergdahl Deal Four to One

Most Americans oppose President Obama’s handling of the exchange of five Taliban prisoners for captive Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl and don’t have a strong opinion of Bergdahl himself.

Forty-three percent of Americans say it was wrong for Obama to make the deal, while 34 percent supported it, according to a USA Today/Pew Research Center poll.

Only 30 percent of respondents have a positive opinion of Bergdahl, whose departure from his post in 2009 and capture by the Taliban is being investigated by the Pentagon.

The 128 veterans who participated in the poll are significantly more upset with Bergdahl than the other respondents: Only 6 percent of the veteran respondents say they sympathized with him, and 33 percent say they were angry. Sixty-eight percent of veterans say Obama made the wrong decision, while 16 percent support the deal.

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