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Poll Workers vs. ACORN

Another e-mail from Virginia: 



I live in the Alexandria area of Fairfax County (near Springfield, VA on the border of the very liberal City of Alexandria).  I arrived @ 6:45am to a couple of democrats in the parking lot having coffee and talking to each other and a lone Republican handing out sample ballots.  the place was surrounded by McConnell signs and a couple of Deeds and Shannon signs.  Of course over the weekend the Deeds people sign bombed the main drag of Van Dorn Street to a level that was almost comical.


The polling station had more workers than voters and the 2 observers behind the registrars were both wearing republican ID stickers. 


Last year at this time I was in a 30 min line…now I understand that this is a far less sexy election and comparisons are likely futile but I cannot imagine a turnout within 50% of last year’s.  My guess is that the final vote tally will bear out the polls giving McDonnell a 10 point lead or better.


One thing I do like about my district is that they demand ID and that I recite my full home address…no ACORN shenanigans.