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Polls: Bridgegate Barely Affecting Perception of Christie

Two recent polls show that Chris Christie’s bridge controversy hasn’t changed most people’s opinions about him. That is, if they’re even paying attention to the coverage of it at all.

A Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press survey finds that Christie’s approval rating remains high at 59 percent among New Jersey residents, with 32 percent disapproving. While the latest figure is a six-percentage-point drop from his approval rating last month, a majority of residents believe that Christie is telling that truth and wasn’t involved in the decision to close the bridge’s lanes.

Similarly, a Pew poll found that the controversy hasn’t had much of an impact on the public perception of Christie. Sixty percent of respondents nationwide say their opinion of the Republican governor hasn’t changed, 6 percent say they have a more favorable view of him, and 16 percent say they view him less favorably. More than half of Democrats said their opinion of Christie hasn’t changed.

Additionally, Pew found that 40 percent of Americans are following the coverage “very closely” (18 percent) or “fairly closely” (21 percent). By comparison, 44 percent of people followed last week’s polar vortex “very closely.” 

Via the Washington Post.

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