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Polls, polls…

This polling data, released yesterday, does not surprise me:

On as series of key Election 2008 issues, voters generally trust Democrats more than Republicans on most key electoral issues. At the same time, however, John McCain is trusted more than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama on these issue.

This is true of ethics, Iraq and the economy (supposedly McCain’s weak point). On national security and taxes, Republicans are trusted more than Democrats, and McCain leads both Democrats. McCain slips behind Obama only on the issue of ethics and corruption — even so, he far outpaces Clinton on the issue. It means little now except that McCain has a strong starting point and escapes his party’s terrible image.

Then there was that poll conducted by AP-Ipsos, which gave Hillary a nine-point lead over McCain after the two had been tied in their last poll two weeks ago. I began by thinking that it was a bit odd, and then I notice that it’s a poll of 1,001 adults — a total waste of time.


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