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Polygamy Chic

This story from AP got my attention:

For a society accustomed to the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, the images of the women from the polygamist compound in Texas are almost shocking in their understatement: Ankle-length dresses, makeup-less faces, hauntingly uniform hair.

And while no one would accuse the women of making a fashion statement, the pioneer-style outfits are a rare example of how in an age of overexposure, modesty, too, can give pause.

There is apparently a rational behind the FCJCLDS fashion statement:

Celebrity stylist and salon owner Ted Gibson thinks it gives off a “homely” impression.

“It says ‘I don’t really care very much. I really don’t have time to worry about the way that I look, because I have 20 children,’” Gibson said. “‘He’s going from wife to wife to wife, so why should I look any better than the other ones?’”

Coming soon to a department store near you:

Still, it’s not outlandish to imagine the prairie look influencing today’s styles, given that trends can come from unexpected places … You can already find blouses with high necks and ruffles in stores, and puffed shoulders on short and long-sleeved shirts.

I’ve always fancied myself in whiskers and a stovepipe hat. Perhaps the day will come.


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