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Some readers took my piece on metropolitan conservatives to be an attempt to

split of yet another faction of hyphenated conservatism. I have ever since

been trying to disabuse people of that notion, by e-mail, in The Corner, and


To quote from the last: “Conservatism to me is a bit like atheism – defined

by what it does not believe. Conservatism is anti-ideology.” Just to make it perfectly plain: My interest in theological hair-splitting about

X-conservatism or Y-conservatism is ABSOLUTELY ZERO. I wouldn’t know a

Straussian from a Rothbardian if you painted them different colors. Well,

now someone has pointed out that this attitude is, by itself, a species of

conservatism: a sort of know-nothing-conservatism, nihi-conservatism, or

apatho-conservatism. Is it? Whatever. I give up.


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