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Poor Michael Jackson

From a reader:

Dear Mr. Goldberg,

I wonder if you realize that the affadavit The Smoking Gun posted was not

anything connected to any new charges against Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson

settled any action related to the posted affadavit a decade ago. Such a

settlement, of course, is not any judgement of guilt or innocence.

Luckily, we have folks such as you (and Mr. Frum, too, just today regarding

George Galloway) to presume the guilt of parties with whom they may disagree

or disapprove. Perhaps you should consider a change of career. Just think

of what efficiencies you could contribute to the judicial process!


[Name withheld]

My response Um, yeah. I knew it was an old affadavit. Paying off a kid you molest may keep you out of prison, it doesn’t keep you out of hell and it doesn’t change the fact that you should be in prison. Moreover, I’m so sick of people writing me to say that I can’t say I think someone is guilty unless a court says he’s guilty. Such assertions have no basis in law or logic. I think OJ Simpson murdered his ex-wife too, by the way. If I’m proved wrong about Michael Jackson, I’ll admit it. But I’m not looking for crow recipes.


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