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“Poor, Uneducated and Easily to Command”?

Am I reading too much into this Washington Post piece from Saturday when I see a bit of a diss of the prayerful folk?

Modeled on the Protestant-led congressional prayer breakfast that has been held each February for more than half a century, the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast is in its second year. It attracted 1,600 people, 14 members of Congress and the president to a packed hotel ballroom where waiters in black tie served scrambled eggs to activists who wore sweat shirts that read “You can’t be Catholic and pro-abortion.”

I saw a couple of kids (teens/young adult types) in sweatshirts. The ballroom, meanwhile, was packed with business suits, etc. Even papists tend to dress up when the president is coming to breakfast. (And, I’m pretty sure the waiters at the Hilton always wear black tie–even when the Washington Post has breakfast there.)


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