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Pop Culture Catch Up: Top Chef (Spoiler Warning)

I apologize to the 47 Corner readers who want more food-show coverage that I’ve been remiss in discussing this season’s Top Chef. Now that it’s over, we can at least recap. I thought this year had both the best chefs so far, over all, and the perhaps the most annoying contestants as well (though, blessedly, they spent less time on personal drama). Spike and the Guy Who Looked Like Spike, were simply insufferable. Lisa, the angry obnoxious Jewish lesbian who outrageously made it to the end, was quite arguably the least likeable person ever to appear on the show, and that  includes crowd scenes where there could have been serial killers in the background. However, it seemed like she really won the final competition, but the judges felt that they couldn’t give it to her because she was so clearly the least impressive or likeable chef overall. Richard obviously did choke, and I felt bad for him because he seems like such a nice and competent guy. I’m delighted for Stephanie that she won (and I’m even more delighted that we won’t have to hear about women never winning anymore). She and Richard were clearly the two best chefs. 

I must say I didn’t like the final competition. All season these guys get subjected to quick-fires and other crazy trials. The last competition should be open-ended. Few great chefs are ordered to cook with only these ingredients and with only this amount of time. I liked the old way where the finalists were simply told to cook their best meals, no bells, whistles, or catches. Is it so terrible that in a competition for the best chef, they could plan just one meal exactly as they wanted?


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