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Pope Donald I?

I’m starting to think there may be a risk of suicides at NRO following the Nevada results. And the forecast for Super Tuesday makes it even worse. So this is the moment to take down your dictionary of quotations from the shelf and turn to Horace Walpole’s all-purpose words of comfort: “This world is a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel.”

Probably that expression of philosophy — half Stoic, half Epicurean — won’t be enough on its own to hold you back from swallowing the bottle of aspirins and going for a swim (“Like swimming through cotton wool,” Graham Greene.) You will want an actual example of comedy to keep you smiling through. For the early morning after Scary Wednesday, therefore, keep handy this A-CNN report from Remnant columnist Chris Jackson on Donald Trump’s speech launching his election bid for the papacy. As with much satire today, it’s too true — and not just about the Donald.

My favorite line:

The priest consecrates a bunch of hosts and then a layperson, usually a woman up at the altar in a pantsuit. Probably Hillary. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were Hillary.

(Laughter) You ever notice today that all the nuns dress like Hillary? When did that happen? When did nuns start dressing like Hillary? It’s scary. It’s really scary.

And it gets scarier. Enjoy!


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