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Pope Francis’s Reading


I have been afflicted with book mania all my life. Whenever I visit someone’s home for the first time, one of the very first things I do is check out what books they have – it offers, I think, a pretty good window into who they are, and what they are passionate about. Via the Traditionalist Catholic website Rorate Caeli, we have a little rundown of some of Pope Francis’s favorite books (the article originally appeared in an Argentinean newspaper). They indicate a rather broad-church attitude on the part of the new pope. Yes, there are some prominent liberals: The names of Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini and Henri J. M. Nouwen surely strike fear in the hearts of true-blue Traditionalists. But heading the list as “perhaps” Pope Francis’s favorite book is The Lord by Romano Guardini — and Guardini was also one of the favorite writers of Pope Benedict XVI.


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