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The Popular Vote

Real Clear Politics calculates that with her victory of 216,000 votes last night, Hillary Clinton is now narrowly ahead in the popular vote count — if you count her victories in Michigan (where Obama wasn’t on the ballot) and Florida, and you don’t count the totals of certain caucus states that don’t record the actual number of caucus-goers who back one candidate over another (Iowa, Washington, Nevada and Maine). If you count the vote differently, Obama is ahead by half a million votes or more.

So she’s ahead, but not really. Either way, it keeps the argument going — a nasty argument that turns on details and technicalities. It’s just the kind of argument you want to see Democrats having with one another. Given that the next big election day (May 6) will probably see a split decision between Indiana and North Carolina, the race will remain close for at least another month, possibly longer. “Operation Chaos” has succeeded.