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Portland’s Congressman Kind Of Thought Portlandia Was a Documentary

Representative Earl Blumenauer, whose congressional district includes most of Portland, Ore., told National Review Online today that a TV show skewering his city seemed pretty realistic to him. The third season of Portlandia, a sketch comedy that pokes fun at hipsters, progressives, and other West Coast denizens, is now on Netflix if you need something to binge-watch. And if you’re like Blumenauer, who often sports a bow tie and a bright-green bicycle lapel pin, you might forget it’s satire.

I asked him today before the Upton vote if he watches the show. He simply said, “Those are my people.”

“It was the first three episodes before I realized that it was a parody and not a documentary,” he added. “Those are my people. Naked bike rides, the people who really want to know the name of the chicken, where was it raised, how much space? We’re very free-range. The Allergy Pride Parade probably happens in Portland. It’s fun.”

Here’s one of the sketches he alluded to, on the struggle of ordering chicken at a restaurant:



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