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The short version of the Post ombudsman’s take on the paper’s coverage of the Maryland Senate race: We were reasonably fair to Michael Steele, but we might have overplayed Ben Cardin’s wonderfulness.

In Maryland, profiles of Senate candidates — Republican Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele and Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin, a Democrat — were neutral to positive, as were those of the gubernatorial candidates, Democrat Martin O’Malley and incumbent Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R). I longed for a more critical eye, especially in the Cardin piece, which seemed relentlessly positive. [Note: that would be the profile of Cardin headlined “A Sense of Service Sustained by Family, Faith.”] Several readers thought Steele’s profile [headlined “A Political Natural, Railing Against Politics.”] should have mentioned that he flunked the bar exam, but a lot of folks do that. Pro-Steele readers were right to say The Post underplayed the story about several prominent black Prince George’s County Democrats endorsing Steele. It was given one-column display on the Metro section front page.