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Post-Katrina Quarterbacking

I didn’t have any of the complaints about the Bush speech that I am

reading from some. Perhaps it is a matter of context — complainers seem

to have been looking for an inspirational, uplifting statement of

leadership. Nice as that might have been, I just wasn’t expecting it.

I remember seeing Gov. Jeb Bush on TV a hundred times last summer, in

glasses and shirtsleeves, ready to work. He was running an operation,

doing the job. That was what I expected from W, and I think I got it.

He wasn’t in shirtsleeves, though then again that might have been a

little too Dilbert-y for the POTUS.

Meanwhile I think that those who complain that the federal government

hasn’t handled this effectively are missing the scope of the disaster.

No organization on Earth could ever possibly have planned for this or

be prepared for it. I am no Pollyanna — obviously mistakes have been

made, but perspective is needed for many of those quick to criticize

and condemn.

And looters should be shot on sight.

Warren Bell — Warren Bell was nominated June 20, 2006, by President George W. Bush to be a member of the Board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for the remainder of a ...

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