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Postcard From a Chaplain

A military chaplain friend writes from the Gulf:

“As a chaplain, this is another of those ‘where else but America?’ moments.

There’s a Muslim chaplain here, an immigrant from Pakistan. The other

day, he and one of the Jewish rabbis made the rounds of the outlying

camps over a Friday and Saturday to visit troops, specifically those who

were Muslim or Jewish but not exclusively so. Nowhere else, but here on

American military camps in the Middle East and on American ships is

there such a spirit of cooperation,mutual respect and collegiality among

these starkly different faiths of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. It

reminds me of the time on the ship when we had the chapel set up for

Hannukah and the Catholic priest and Muslim lay-leader were in there to

say their prayers. Everywhere else adherents to these faiths barely

tolerate each other at best and most often try to kill each other, but

not on an American warship, not in an American military camp. How can

you not think this is a great country when things like that happen?”


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